Greece is perhaps not best known for breakfast – we’re a nation of coffee drinkers, but not necessarily of breakfast eaters – but there are plenty of great Greek and Mediterranean recipes that involve that classic breakfast ingredient, the egg! While eggs don’t really play a prominent role on the table, as a main ingredient in their own right, they are used everywhere, and these dishes are popular any time of day. 

Whether it’s a scramble with vegetables or meat, or a sauce that can turn into a soup, there are lots of ways Greeks enjoy eggs. They’re even crucial to baking: eggs are used to add density and texture to the fillings of many savory pies, especially cheese pies.

Eggs also show up in the most famous Greek sauce, avgolemono, an egg-and-lemon sauce that is a silky liaison used to enrich all sorts of dishes. Greece’s most famous egg preparation is perfect because it can take various forms, from stews made with meat and greens to fish and vegetable stews, to soups, such as the well-known Greek chicken soup with rice and avgolemono (kotosoupa avgolemono) and a similar fish-based soup (psarosoupa avgolemono). The sauce is also served with several stuffed dishes, especially cabbage and grape-leaf dolmades (rolled, rice-stuffed leaves); I also love it with meatballs and capers.

There’s no denying avgolemono is the best way to spice up an otherwise blah dish! It turns just about any broth or sauce into a much more thick, flavorful mixture. The ratio of eggs to lemon juice can vary, and some cooks will suggest that you separate yolks from whites and beat them until they form stiff peaks, while other recipes will have you blend whole eggs and lemon juice together (and there are other much more fussy preparations, but these are the basics). In the end, it all boils down to what you like in texture and flavor. Trial and error just might be key to this recipe!

Below, find a few of my favorite Greek and Mediterranean egg recipes, for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!


This is a kind of scrambled-egg and tomato dish encountered all over the country, and one that I absolutely love making for a filling and healthy meal. In the Peloponessos, this is known as Kayiannas, and it’s a classic all over the country. I’ve added my own little twist with a sprinkling of Kalamata olives in the filling! You can also find variations of this with other ingredients, like shrimp


Spanakopita Shakshuka

Shakshuka, a classic egg dish in Middle Eastern cuisine, is also made, by various different names, throughout Greece. These recipes for eggs cooked in greens or tomato sauce tend to be great examples of satisfying and healthy Mediterranean diet dishes. This one is a favorite, created in my Athens kitchen, using the filling for a real Greek classic, spanakopita, and the basic idea of cooking eggs in greens! Perfect for a Mediterranean diet breakfast, brunch or quick meal!


Eggs Baked Inside Tomatoes

Eggs Baked inside Tomatoes for an easy summer brunch, lunch or dinner.

On a lazy summer day, when the mercury soars and the tomatoes are sweet and ripe, this makes a great, super-easy, fast brunch or quick dinner. But if you prefer other veggies, try using them in peppers! Both will be summery delightful options.


Avgokalamoura – Ground Meat Omelet

This traditional Aegean island recipe from Chios, for a not-so-classic Greek omelet, is typically made with ground meat that is sauteed in a little extra virgin Greek olive oil and perfumed with aromatic spices. It’s a classic recipe from season 3 of My Greek Table!

Greek Omelet with Sausages, Mushrooms and Metsovone Cheese

Omelet and sausage dishes abound all over Greece. Here, the omelet calls for one of Epirus’s flagship cheeses, metsovone, which adds a delicious, smoky depth to this otherwise simple dish. Serve this as an appetizer or easy main course, coupled with a healthy plate of horta—cooked wild greens. You could even try serving it for brunch with a glass of chilled Amyntaion Xinomavro Rosé wine!


Froutalia Omelet With Sausages And Potatoes from Andros

This is surely yet another of the great regional Greek egg dishes, and a specialty of Andros and Tinos. Basically, it is a thick, slowly-cooked (stovetop) omelet filled with potatoes and local sausage, and I love serving it up for brunch or dinner – it’ll keep you full and satisfied!


Zucchini Omelet with Greek Yogurt & Feta

Easy Mother's Day recipe for a zucchini omele

Want a light, eggy omelet? This one is packed with zucchini and protein in the Greek yogurt and feta: Greek yogurt gives spring to this easy omelet, and the feta is a no-brainer, of course, in many omelets!