Taste Athens
with Diane and Her Team of Exceptional Local Foodies!

Planning a trip to Athens? The best way to see a city is to taste it, and Athens is one of Europe’s greatest (and least discovered) food cities -- a gem of traditional and contemporary flavors, and the vibrant “Mother” of the Mediterranean diet. 

Taste Athens! is a very personalized approach to sharing the city I love with guests. They’re designed for small groups of 10 people or less. My team of young, multilingual, passionate foodies will  show you our city through the eyes of a local. Together, you’ll wander through markets, into local gourmet and regional food shops, bakeries, pie shops and more, tasting your way through this fabulous food capital. 

You’ll taste meze (small plates), sample the rainbow of Greek olives and the spectrum of Greek olive oils, discover the amazing power and flavor of Greek honey, sip wines and maybe even a little tsipouro, aka fire water (grappa). You’ll enjoy some of the most prized cheeses and rarest charcuterie in Greece, all the while  learning about Greek food history and urban history, too! The walks start at 10 AM, location Syntagma Square.  

Private & Specialty Food Walks 

In addition to my main Taste Athens! Food Walk, I also organize specially tailored and private walks that will accommodate your specific needs and interests. They can focus on specific aspects of Greek food culture, from breads and pastries to meze and music (rebetika) and more. Food professionals and passionate foodies are both welcome! We can even take you on a bar-hopping tour of the city, for a taste of its amazing nightlife. 

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Taste Athens!

On this fascinating 4.5-hour walking tour of Downtown Athens, you’ll get a delicious sense not only of the city but of the wide variety of regional specialties that are the heart and soul of the Greek table

From enticing Aegean island pastries, to complex mountain cheeses, fascinating breads and savory pies, unusual charcuterie, delicious raw Greek regional honeys and herbs, amazing extra virgin olive oils, and a sip or two of regional wines and spirits – to name but a few things sampled on this walk – you’ll enjoy the flavors and aromas of the entire country. Your experience, which starts at Syntagma and ends near the Central Market, will be peppered with lots of local Athenian history and stops along the way to marvel at Athens’ hidden architectural gems.

Taste Athens! food walks start at 10 a.m. unless otherwise indicated.

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Taste the Music:
Rebetica & Meze Night Out

I am so happy to introduce my daughter Kyveli, a young artist and musician, who will be leading these fascinating forays into one of the most intriguing aspects of Greek life: the soulful music called Rebetica, something akin to the Greek blues.
Each evening starts at 9 pm. Guests meet at a predetermined location in Central Athens for an introduction to and discussion of the music. From there, together, you’ll head to one of the city’s many rebetica places to hear some of Athens’ most storied musicians, young and old, who still keep this deep-rooted musical tradition alive. All that accompanied by the Greek small plate tradition called Meze and a little wine or tripouro!
Taste the Music promises to be one of your most memorable experiences of Athens, where history seeps through every aspect of life and sates every one of our senses.
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