We are edging ever closer to Thanksgiving, one of my most cherished food holidays! And it’s a prime time to delve into the delightful recipes that’ll grace my table. I always love focusing on the Greek recipes that can make your Thanksgiving table pop. There are lots of Greek- and Mediterranean-diet ideas that you can use for this holiday! Sides, dips, sauces – they all get a little boost from the Greek culinary traditions! 

Even better? These dishes, like many classic Greek recipes, are mostly plant-based and characterized by their robust flavors and copious herbs, a light way to approach a holiday of very heavy eating! 

Find all my favorite easy Greek recipes for Thanksgiving below.

Greek-Olive Bread Stuffing

It doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving to enjoy this Greek stuffing recipe – but it’s really perfect for the Thanksgiving table! This delicious Greek recipe for stuffing, which you can either bake inside a whole bird or separately, as a casserole. I love to combine all the earthy flavors of Greek autumn in my stuffing, which is why there is a trinity of Greek olives (I love both our prune olives and the classic Kalamatas), Northern Greek roasted red peppers, and Greek figs. The dried wild Greek herbs and raisins round out the flavors. 

Tzatziki: Greek Yogurt Dip

Is there a Greek restaurant in the universe that doesn’t serve tzatziki, the tangy garlic-infused yogurt dip that doubles as a sauce and spread? Now, you can also bring it to the Thanksgiving table, the perfect side dish and accompaniment to meat recipes and veggies alike. It also comes in many variations – stay tuned for more in this list to see what I mean!


Cranberry Sauce with Greek Flavors

Cranberry Sauce with Greek Flavors

I love to create different versions of cranberry sauce from year to year at Thanksgiving, and Greek dried fruits and Greek wines are almost always part of the mix! So, enjoy this Greek recipe for cranberry sauce and travel vicariously to the Mediterranean with me.

Mashed Potatoes with Greek Feta and Yogurt

Everyone loves a great mashed potato recipe, the ultimate comfort food, especially around Thanksgiving. Can you even picture the table without some kind of mashed potato recipe?? This one, with Greek feta, yogurt and olive oil added to the potatoes, is a wonderful variation. It goes well with all sorts of comfort foods, especially tomato based stews, and the tanginess of Greek yogurt and feta will fit beautifully with your turkey or veggies.

Easy Carrot Tzatziki

Easy Carrot Tzatziki

I always want to find ways to bring variations of the famous tzatziki recipe to the table, which is where this easy carrot version came from. This take on a classic tzatziki is an easy and healthy way to impress guests and the perfect example of how to “think” Mediterranean diet with Mediterranean ingredients that are actually everyday products you can find at your local supermarket. Enjoy this easy, healthy Mediterranean diet snack with friends and embrace the Mediterranean lifestyle anywhere and anytime – even at Thanksgiving!

Greek Yiayia’s Lemony Roasted Potatoes with Feta

Greek Yiayia's Roasted Potatoes

This is the most delicious roasted potato recipe for festive occasions and beyond! It builds on one of my all-time favorite classic Thanksgiving recipes, The best roasted Greek yiayias potatoes, with an even more Greek addition – a little crumbled feta on top. I could eat these potatoes any time of year, but they’re excellent for Thanksgiving, especially if you’re not in the mood to go the mashed route. 

Cranberry-Fig Sauce with Warm Spices and Petimezi

For Thanksgiving, I recommend you try a Greek-inspired cranberry sauce, like this one, replete with those amazing umami-like Greek fried figs from Northern Evvoia, all the warm spices, and a drizzling of two really special ingredients: Petimezi, or grape molasses, and honey vinegar or balsamic, whichever you prefer! Petimezi is an ancient sweetener and one of the most delicious, iron-filled, nutritious additions to dressings and sauces. It goes particularly well with berries and dried fruits.