Figs in a Glass

Diane is back in Chios in this episode, invited by a friend to participate in a local ritual: the making of Chian firewater, called Souma, which is distilled from fermented figs. It is one of the many fruit distillations in Greece but also one of the rarest, and Diane follows the process through to the first drops, at which point...the party begins! Food and firewater go hand in hand, but not without first having made the antidote to any potential hangover, a partridge soup. In this foray through Chios’s traditions, Diane also discovers some delicious desserts, all part of the table for this fun feast. Chios is for food lovers, and Diane returns to her kitchen fired up with ideas for some great island-inspired dishes. Eggplant pilaf and an aromatic meat-filled omelet are on the menu.