The Culinary Tapestry of Corfu

In this episode, we visit Corfu for an exploration of the island’s unusual blend of Greek and Italian cooking. The Venetians ruled this lush island in the Ionian for more than 400 years and left an indelible stamp on its cuisine. To a lesser extent, so did the English, who administered the islands in the 19th century, as well as the French and Russians. Diane explores the rich, multi-faceted cuisine of Corfu, makes the Venetian-inspired tangy meat dish soffrito with a well-known local cook and learns about a simple orange salad. In the market she finds Corfu’s most famous fruit kumquats, local fish varieties and much more. In her own kitchen, she cooks up a Corfiot storm of mixed braised greens with feta, a famed island fish stew called bourtheto (from the Italian brodetto), and a favorite from a bygone era: Venetian pastitsio, reworked for the modern cook.