Let Classic Greek Feta Cheese Transform Thanksgiving and Beyond


There is a lot of confusion these days when it comes to feta, or at least what we Greeks know to be real, authentic Greek feta. Greek feta is a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) cheese made, by law, from sheep’s milk or a combination of sheep’s and goat’s milk (in up to a 70/30 ration, again, by law). PDO Feta—the real thing, in other words—is never made with cow’s milk. It is made only in specific regions of Greece.

While I won’t get into the regional distinctions here, I can talk about how versatile is this delicious, robust cheese. Feta is a great table cheese on its own, served plain or garnished with dried herbs (typically dried Greek oregano) and a drizzling of really good Greek olive oil. It’s a welcome addition in many seasonal salads, most notably the famed Greek Village Salad, aka Horiatiki. But it’s also a great backdrop for all sorts of dips, whips up well in a food processor and absorbs olive oil beautifully. The two combined make for a smart, creamy, rich, flavorful base for countless additions. And, of course, because of its vibrant flavor, it’s perfect in stuffings of all kind.

Here are a few of my favorite easy dishes with feta, and they provide a last-minute range of options for quick Thanksgiving starters and dips.

It goes without say…it doesn’t need to be Thanksgiving to be enjoy feta or these recipes!

Greek recipe for devilled eggs with Greek feta


Another favorite go-to hors d’oeuvre or starter are these wonderful beets stuffed with feta.  They make a beautiful appetizer, that’s both elegant and easy.

beetroot napoleon

Beetroot Napoleon with tangy feta and Aegina pistachios

And, finally, all you really need is to whip up sone feta and set it forth on a tray with crudite or pita chips, and voila, you’ve got an instant crowd pleaser!

Spicy Whipped Feta Dip

A little whipped feta with pita chips makes a great snack.

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