Taste Athens: Lent on the Streets – Tahini Bread

Almost there. Today I pressed send on the excel file that in a few weeks time will morph into Taste Athens, an app and food-lovers guide to the city. I’ll be posting regularly about the tasty exploits that have helped me rediscover Athens as an incredible food city. I’ve had great company rediscovering the city with my good friend, photographer, and partner in the app, Andrew Economakis. 

For example, just walking around a few blocks in the center of town at this time of year, during the great Lenten fast, which many people follow, we discovered many amazing treats. There is a lot of Greek food that’s vegan, vegetarian and/or Lenten anyway, just because that’s the nature of the cuisine, so healthy, so fresh, so seasonal.

But then there are Lent-specific dishes and ingredients. Tahini, sesame paste, is one of them. One delicious treat are these Tahini bread swirls, at the Karakoy Gulluoglu bakery, Nikis 10, near Syntagma. 

Lente tahini bread swirls at an Athens pastry shop.

Tahini Bread at an Athenian bakery.