Naxos: Meat and Potatoes Like You Never Had'Em

Diane takes off for this tasty Cycladic island from the shores of neighboring Paros, with her good friend Alexis, whose family roots are here. Little does Alexis know that he is in for a few surprises, as Diane takes him on a journey of discovery to one of the most vibrant food destinations in Greece. Naxos is famed for the quality of its meats, for its seductive array of cow’s milk and sheep-and-goats’ milk cheeses (some of the most unique in Greece), and for its potatoes. There is even a center for potato research and cultivation on the island. Diane heads from the shore straight to a remote mountain hideaway with Alexis in tow, where two local cooks await them with a feast of stuffed lamb, potatoes, and a unique skillet pumpkin-onion pie.