my greek table-episode 403
Street Food In Athens

Diane and Carolina have a special bond, both cooks and upholders of Greek traditions, both deeply interested in every aspect of Greek cuisine, and, of course, good friends. Carolina also happens to be the culinary producer of My Greek Table. They meet to explore the street food scene all over Athens, venturing into a few neighborhoods beyond the immediate center and tasting their way through vegan treats at a local café, a range of hand-held pies, overflowing creative Greek sandwiches, and gelato -- yes, gelato in the Greek capital – that marks the bubbling international energy infused into so much casual fare in this great food city. Inspired, Diane creates some homemade street food of her own: a Gyro-Stuffed Baked Bread Loaf; a Healthy Smoothie Bowl with Greek Yogurt; and a Warm Green Bean Salad with Chopped Onion and Hazelnuts.