Mt. Pelion Tahini-Walnut Skordalia

An unusual take on a Greek classic, this skordalia with tahini comes from the area of Mt. Pelion in Thessaly, mainland Greece. Use real Greek vinegar and olive oil in this recipe, which you can find by going to my online store here.
15 min



  1. 1. Place the Tahini and garlic in the boel of a food processor and pulse on and off, adding about half the water to loosen up the Tahini a little. Add the walnuts and continue processing at high speed until finely ground. Add lemon juice, salt, and pepper to taste. Continue pulsing, adding enough water to give the skordalia a smooth, creamy, loose consistency.
  2. Serve over boiled potatoes or other boiled vegetables such as cauliflower and beets, or serve as a dip, with toasted pita bread or paximadia.

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