Wines and Spirits

Greek Wine Basics

Greece has been a wine-producing country for thousands of years. There are over 300 native Greek grape varieties for wine making. These varieties are what make Greek wines UNIQUE. Most Greek wine today follows one of two trends: it is either made solely from native grape varietals or with a combination of international and native grape varietals. Greek wines are enjoying a burst of recognition around the world, the result of a decade of focused, well-planned promotional activities and the hard work of so many visionary Greek vintners.
Most Greek wines are low in alcohol.

Whites tend to be high in acidity, with lots of citrus and mineral flavors. Greek whites are ideal for fish, even for sushi, sashimi, etc. Foods that tend to need acid go well with Greek whites.Greek reds tend to be spicy, especially the N. Greek reds. These go well with spicy, even non-Greek foods. Aromatic whites, i.e. Moschofilero and Malagouzia, are great with Chinese food!