Diane's Greek Food Index - All About Greek Ingredients, Products, and Flavors

Welcome to my Greek Food Index, where you’ll find information and tips on just about every Greek food product.

In this section, I plan to cover the gamut from well-known Greek cheeses such as feta, to obscure, regional cheeses like Ikaria’s kathoura; to olive varieties, from the world-famous Kalamata to the tiny orange-cured green olives of Crete; to charcuterie and cured fish and seafood products, fruits, nuts, spices, herbs, greens, pasta, rice and more.

I hope to add a whole section on wines and spirits, teas and other beverages, too.

Greece is a small country with a huge regional foods tradition, one that stretches back millennia. Many of these food products are unknown outside of the country and even outside the villages where they are produced.

Check back in on a regular basis, as I’ll be adding to this section slowly and steadily.


Olives & Oil

Wines & Spirits



Greens & Herbs

Traditional Ingredients

Greek Easter Cookies

Holiday Cuisine

Regional Cuisine

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