The Dodecanese for Dinner

From tourist mecca Rhodes to tiny neighboring Symi, from the mystical island of Patmos, where St. John wrote the Apocalypse, to the fishing paradise of Kalymnos, the Dodecanese islands are a tapestry of fascinating customs, foods, landscapes and history. Although the name Dodecanese means 12 islands, there are actually 14, each unique in its own way. In this episode, Diane delves into some of the common threads and one-of-a-kind ingredients that characterize the cuisine of these delicious islands in the southeastern Aegean. Wine-soaked cheeses, grape leaves stuffed with everything from eggplant to chickpeas to rice and meat, pasta with caramelized onions and a tart yogurt-like fermented cheese, sparkling wines, cumin-scented rusks and fritters, tiny, crunchy shrimp and so much more are among the culinary delights of these islands. In this culinary travelogue through the Dodecanese table Diane will introduce us to some of the islands’ special foods. In three delectable recipes she’ll have us all wanting to cook with the flavors of Dodecanese for dinner.