Greek egg lemon sauce avgolemono

Avgolemono, the Greek egg-lemon liaison thickens chicken soup, fish soup and stews.

One of the most curious sights at the Athens Central Market and at itinerant farmers’ markets are the egg-vendors, erstwhile entrepreneurs who sell nothing but…eggs. If anything attests to the importance of the egg on the Greek table it is this commercial specialization. (That’s not to say, of course, that you can’t find eggs in cartons at the local supermarket.

While eggs don’t really play a prominent role on the table, as a main ingredient in their own right, they are used everywhere:

In sauces: The most famous Greek sauce is without doubt the avgolemono, or egg-and-lemon sauce that is but a silky liaison used to enrich all sorts of dishes, from stews made with meat and greens to fish and vegetable stews, to soups, such as the well-known Greek chicken soup with rice and avgolemono (kotosoupa avgolemono) and a similar fish-based soup (psarosoupa avgolemono). The sauce is also served with several stuffed dishes, especially cabbage and grape-leave dolmathes (rolled, rice-stuffed leaves).

As a light meal: The egg, nature’s most perfect food, also makes for a perfectly easy and fast meal in Greece and there are many recipes for omelettes and other similar dishes. Among them are:

Kayiannas or Strapatsatha. This is a kind of scrambled-egg and tomato dish encountered all over the country. The former is how it is called in the Peloponessos.

A sausage omelet specialty of the Cyclades islands Andros and Tinos, Mediterranean Diet and Greek cooking recipes..

This sausage omelet, froutalia, is a specialty of the Cyclades, especially Andros and Tinos

Froutalia. This is surely one of the great regional Greek egg dishes, and a specialty of Andros and Tinos. Basically, it is a thick, slowly-cooked (stovetop) omelet filled with potatoes and local sausage, but there are many other variations, too.

Sfoungatto.Basically, this is a baked omelet, oftentimes seasoned with fresh herbs such as dill and studded with green vegetables such as zucchini or wild Greek asparagus.

Htipito AvgoOne of the great dishes of Greek village childhood! It is made by beating a raw egg with several spoonfuls of sugar in a cup. The result is a luscious, creamy, breakfast, eaten with bread and milk!

As a Binder


Eggs are used to add density and texture to the fillings of many savory pies, especially cheese pies.