Diane Kochilas is one of the world’s foremost experts on Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. She is the host, creator and co-producer of My Greek Table on PBS, the award-winning 13-episode per season cooking-travel show about Greece.

Diane hails from the Blue Zone Greek island of Ikaria, which gives her a focus on life and longevity. She’s also been featured on Food Network, CNN, and other major networks..

We’re looking for a few select partners to work on a variety of collaborative projects, including, but not limited to:

  • Chef-led videos on YouTube
  • Sponsored content on Diane’s rapidly growing website
  • Sponsored stories, posts, and/or campaigns on Diane’s engaged social media accounts
  • Sponsorship opportunities on My Greek Table on PBS

If this is something you’d like to be a part of, feel free to contact Diane’s team at [email protected] for a media kit, along with data about our reach.

Rate card 

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Volume 65,000 

monthly visitors







Post $500 $250 $250 $350
Product Review $750 $200 $300 $400
Video N/A N/A $400 $500
Giveaway $1,250 $350 $550 $650

Prices are negotiable and can be bundled for discounts.

Data points



  • 65,000 – 75,000 monthly visitors (60% through organic search)
  • 70% of traffic coming from U.S. residents (remaining 30% from Great Britain, Canada, Greece, Australia, and more)

Social Media

  • Instagram

    • 35,000 followers on Instagram (and rapidly growing!)
    • Engagement rate: 1.17%
    • Steady Growth Factor: 99%
    • Weekly Engagement Rate: 8.20%
    • Average likes per post: 400
    • Average of 20+ comments per post
    • Top Countries: USA, Canada, Australia, Greece 
    • Gender distribution of following is 80% women and 20% men
  • Facebook

    • 92,000 followers and 51,492 likes on Facebook (and growing!)
    • Average New FB likes per month: 710
    • Growth Factor: 55%
    • Average of 10+ comments per post
    • Gender Distribution: 80% women and 20% men
    • Top Countries: USA


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