Greek food is the mother of all Mediterranean diets: historically rich, fantastically delicious, and supremely nutritious.

My life’s mission is to do for Greek cuisine what Julia Child did for French cooking: to bring my deep knowledge and passion for the Mediterranean’s healthiest food to an American audience.

Greek food – REAL Greek food – marries luscious indulgence with health. Seasonality and the integrity of ingredients are the cornerstone: excellent olive oil (80% of Greek olive oil is extra virgin by nature), the world’s best honey, yogurt, sun-kissed seasonal fruits and vegetables, countless greens and other wild foods, whole grains, fish and seafood, and delicious but carefully portioned meats and cheeses are the raw ingredients that make Greek food so good and so good for you.

It’s no surprise that Greece has its very own Blue Zone, where longevity rates are off the charts, an island called Ikaria where my family roots are.

The latest scientific findings and nutritional advice point to Greek food and the rich tapestry and lore of Greek culinary traditions as the perfect way to eat: simple, healthy, delicious, convivial.

Greek food is the perfect cuisine for an aging baby boom generation eager to grow into an active, healthy retirement and the perfect antidote to the diseases caused by obesity.

My food philosophy is simple: The time for Greek food is now!