Greece by Fork-
Food & Culture Tours

If you are planning a trip to Greece and want an insightful sense of local culture, food, history and music, join me and a group of carefully chosen experts on my new and exciting travel experiences in Athens and Nafplion-Nemea.
My GREECE BY FORK tours include three walking tours of Athens exploring Regional Delicacies, East Meets West & Music & Meze, a night in which you’ll learn about -- and hear -- the soulful Greek musical tradition called Rebetica, something akin to the American Blues and enjoy small plates to savor and share while listening to live performers.
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Groups are small and intimate, between 6 and 12 people, and cost includes transportation from Athens to each region, all transportation within each area, excursions, meals, cooking classes, tastings, and lodging in beautiful, carefully selected 4-star hotels and pensions.

Walks & Tours in Greece


Regional Greek Flavors
on the Streets of Athens

On this fascinating 5-hour walking tour of Downtown Athens, you’ll get a delicious sense not only of the city but of the wide variety of regional specialties that are the heart and soul of the Greek table.
From enticing Aegean island pastries, to complex mountain cheeses, fascinating breads and savory pies, unusual charcuterie, delicious raw Greek regional honeys and herbs, amazing extra virgin olive oils, and a sip or two of regional wines and spirits – to name but a few things sampled on this walk – you’ll enjoy the flavors and aromas of the entire country. Your guide, Finiki, a young historian, peppers this walk, which starts at Syntagma and ends near the Central Market, with her extensive knowledge of Athenian history and stops along the way to marvel at Athens’ hidden architectural gems.
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East Meets West
on the Streets of Athens

Food is like language, a constant evolution of interactions. Nowhere is this better evinced than Athens, with its vibrant, complex layers of history hiding in plain sight everywhere. Greece has always been a crossroads between the East and the West, and this tour, led by a young historian, explores the confluence of flavors and history in some of Greece’s most iconic dishes. From baklava to gyro to moussaka, history has seasoned almost everything we know about Greek food. Take this unique, focused 3-hour walking tour and explore the Asia Minor and Anatolian influences in the most seductive dishes on the Greek table.
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Taste the Music:
Rebetica & Meze Night Out

I am so happy to introduce my daughter Kyveli, a young artist and musician, who will be leading these fascinating forays into one of the most intriguing aspects of Greek life: the soulful music called Rebetica, something akin to the Greek blues, and at a table filled with meze and wine or tsipouro with which to enjoy it.
Each evening starts at 8 pm. Guests meet at Kyveli’s studio in Central Athens for an introduction and discussion of the music. From there, together, you’ll head to one of the city’s many rebetica places to hear some of Athens’ most storied musicians, young and old, who still keep this deep-rooted musical tradition alive.
Taste the Music promises to be one of your most memorable experiences of Athens, where history seeps through every aspect of life and sates every one of our senses.
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Hercules Kitchen:
Nemea & Nafplion for Food,
Wine & Culture Lovers

Join a small group of like-minded travelers to one of Greece’s most storied locations, the rolling hills of Nemea wine country and gorgeous historical Nafplion, both just an hour and a half from Athens.
During three days, two nights in gorgeous 19th century neoclassical 4-star pensions, you’ll savor some of Greece’s most renowned wines made with the luscious Aghiorgitiko grape, aka “the Blood of Hercules;” enjoy expertly guided tours of the stunning archeological sites of Ancient Nemea, Mycenae and Epidaurus, with a special focus on food, wellness, and the Greek-Mediterranean Diet; forage for local seasonal foods, cook with a Greek home cook and also delve into local cuisine in a hands-on class at a state-of-the-art kitchen.
You’ll see and sample homemade pasta and savory phyllo pies, visit an artisan yogurt maker for a taste of the real thing, and feast like a local, al fresco and at authentic local tavernas. Each meal will be a journey in itself.
$1,560 USD per person
5% Single Supplement

Price Includes

Round-trip transportation from Athens to all venues.
All meals, cooking classes, excursions and tastings.